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Hormone Optimization Program BHRT for Men & Women. 12 months of integrative care.

Comprehensive hormone level testing.

Conditions & Symptoms We Treat:  Thyroid Imbalance, Low Testosterone, Menopause,  Peri-Menopause, Andropause, Weight Gain, Fatigue, Depression

Science + Technology. Health + Wellbeing.

Laboratory studies show that Bio-identical Hormone replacement therapy correctively aids in the correction of weight gain, fatigue, depression, increase libido, menopause and andropause; and is a good method of preventative treatment to keep hormones balanced and maintain optimal health.

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

Fatigue – Weight Gain – Depression – Anxiety – Low Sex Drive – Irritability – Disturbed Sleep – Reduced Muscle Mass – Low Strength – Slow Wound Healing – Erectile Dysfunction – Osteoporosis – Heart Disease

Tula Hormone Treatment

Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Thyroid Hormones, Adrenal Health, DHEA.

Improved Wellness Results

Sharper thinking, stronger immune system, ability to manage stress, improved libido, youthful energy, Lean muscle mass, reduced body fat, stronger immune system.

Initial Assessment & Program

Includes an initial overview of health by our integrative MD, followed by full blood panel and tests. Results will be reviewed by our MD and custom compounding will begin to start client treatment.

Assessment & Routine Analysis

(Every 3 months over a period of 1 year)

  • Full blood panel
  • Assessment Overview with integrative MD through Tele-health ( performed every 3 months)
  • Readjustments, modifications made as required for dosages & strengths
  • Micro-Emulsified Supplements
  • Ongoing consultation monthly ( clinic-level)

Additional costs for any on-site injections prescribed by our MD may be required.

Financing Available

TULA offers financing for your Hormone treatments. Contact us for additional details on how you can continue with your health goals and pay for your treatments on a monthly basis.

Some Blood panels, Cortisol & Saliva + lab testing are not covered under OHIP.   Repeat prescriptions of hormone custom compounding prescribed will be an additional charge of $50.00.

Insurance Reimbursement

Clients can submit their receipts to their insurance company directly to obtain qualified reimbursements.

  • Lab testing will be requested for hormone evaluation
  • Detoxification (4 days)
  • Hormone custom compounding
  • Monthly prescribed bio-identical hormone intake (natural, plant based)
  • Micro-emulsified supplements (GMO, gluten and soy free )
  • Monthly consultations & evaluations


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